The Roy lab is actively recruiting at all stages! We seek motivated and enthusiastic people to join us in our scientific efforts. The lab welcomes candidates from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders, to bring different perspectives and ideas are cornerstones of collaborative science and its long-term success.


The lab is currently seeking graduate students to join in the Fall of 2024. Students can apply through the Neuroscience Program, Biomedical Engineering Program or Molecular Biology Program. Prospective students can send direct inquiries to: suva.roy@hsc.utah.edu.


An NIH-funded postdoc position is available in the lab, to study retinal processing and retinal projections to the brain in tree shrew. This collaborative research integrates cutting-edge methods including large-scale electrophysiology, viral vector based targeting of retinal cells, cell and circuit tracing, optogenetics and computational modeling. There will also be opportunities to work on, or independently develop research projects on cell-type and circuit mechanisms of retinal diseases. Ideal candidates will have a PhD or MD/PhD degree in neurobiology, cell/molecular biology, biomedical engineering, physics, or a related field. Experience in electrophysiology, imaging, animal surgery and/or computational modeling is preferable. Interested candidates should send their CV and contacts of two professional references to Dr. Roy at suva.roy@hsc.utah.edu.